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Studio Flex is the architectural design and consultancy firm. We create designs and provide independent advice at every stage of construction. At Studio Flex we do not take a less good approach. We always aim for the best performance that suits you.

The passion

Through our passion for the built environment and its impact on everyone’s life, we intend to optimize its products and processes. And with that, bring the quality of our lives to a ultimum.


Every person and project is unique. Our flexible attitude and broad professional knowledge allow us to adapt optimally in any context. Accessible, flexible and innovative, we help you realize a successful project.

– Feasibility Studies
– Process Management, Project Monitoring
– Property Management, Development

With developing real estate, initiative should be taken. The stronger this initiative is deployed, the stronger the final project outcome. At an early stage Studio Flex offers guidance in the development of strategies and development plans, by utilizing its market knowledge, broad professional network and its experience with the latest techniques.

From financial to technical initiative Studio Flex optimizes your plan, designs alternatives, or acts as an independent sparring partner, so that your risks are reduced to a minimum.

– Concept development
– Design Development from sketch to completion
– Renovation, Transformation

Architecture is more than just the aesthetic design and visualization of a building. Architecture offers much more: a creative thinking process, applicable within the built environment. Our designers and consultants use this creative process in order to effectively deliver tailor-made work. Your wishes form the first frames of the project. In addition, the context of each project provides a number of important constraints. Applicable laws and regulations can for example restrict in possibilities.

But building constructive and installation technical characteristics of an object may impose limitations as well. Or it just offers opportunities. Studio Flex is through its understanding and managing of the leading conditions capable of dealing creatively with such complex issues, from the initiative till the construction phase. This prevents unnecessary work on unrealistic proposals and allows restrictions to be converted into opportunities.

– Integrated Design
– Energy performance
– Circular process

More and more people, with growing needs and demands. A globe as a jar, stuffed with raw materials. That we have to act in a different way in our future is certain. That we want to hold on to a comfortable lifestyle as well, is a certainty too. Smart, critically and realistically dealing with changing processes and products, in order to achieve the best solutions, that is sustainability: solutions for the long term. By seeing sustainability not seen as a burden, but integrating it as a structuring element, each project result can be improved.

Not only the quality of a process or product can be increased, but also risks are limited to a minimum. As the earth itself, a project always has its own “raw stock” which needs to be dealt with. Technological developments provide the resources to fully utilize this stock. Studio Flex is right in the centre of the technical field of knowledge, the source of innovation. By keeping abreast of the latest techniques and developments, Studio Flex is able to offer customized solutions, thinking of the future.

The current real estate market requires flexible solutions. By being flexible, we can continually adapt and think once again the best solution. How flex are you?

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