If you want to buy or sell a house soon, consider having a structural inspection carried out. This is not only required in many cases when financing a new home, but also offers the buying and selling party other big advantages. The 5 most important ones can be read below:

1. Know what you are buying

By having a structural inspection carried out, you get a better picture of what you are buying and you will be less likely to end up with unexpected costs.

2. Better negotiation

Negotiating the purchase price is always an exciting moment. With an architectural inspection in your pocket you strengthen your own negotiating position, because you have a better view of the real value of the object to be purchased and even if you know whether potential costs will have to be incurred.

3. Reliable seller

As a seller, you can come across as more reliable to a buyer if you can hand over a structural inspection in advance. If the item you sell is in good condition, the test report will only underline that.

4. HOA management

Co-owner of a building report can be very pleasant, since the current state is easy to assess and it is also easier to anticipate possible future expenses.

5. Financial clarity

An architectural inspection can also provide financial clarity in other areas. For example, if a refurbishment is to be carried out or possibly major maintenance.

An architectural inspection can therefore offer more insight into an object in several ways. Not only the buyer can benefit from this, but also the selling party and other authorities can derive reliable and valuable information from this.

Studio Flex offers you an affordable and above all independent and reliable inspection, where you can also choose from three different packages: Quick scan, standard and extensive. For more information, please take a look at this page or contact us by telephone or by e-mail.