Craftsmanship disappears. Due to technological developments, fewer and fewer professionals seem to be needed in practice. In the construction industry too, the machine is increasingly replacing people, or smart programs ensure that specialist professionals are skipped. But are there really fewer professionals? Or is quality actually being lost at the moment by focusing too much on efficiency?

Studio Flex believes in a combination of both: creative innovation from professional experience. We embrace the craft and, as an Acccredited work placement company, we support the necessary training programs to stimulate a new approach to the market and to further professionalise the disciplines. In a Learning Company students get to know the practice and they learn what is expected of them. There are different types of internships: the vocational training path (vtp) and the vocational guidance pathway (vgp). In both learning paths, Studio Flex offers internships, where we also offer students insight into other fields besides working within their own field. In this way pupils get a better understanding of the other specialties that are needed in building practice.
And more mutual understanding leads to better cooperation in practice! This way the professional can be brought back to the market.