With constructive renovation, you often only contact an architect. No consideration is given to any complications that may occur during this process. By this we mean illogical layouts of spaces, interior is influenced by this.

What does an interior consultant do?

An interior consultant works out the project in different phases, during this process the consultant will not be in constant contact with the client. As a result, an interior consultant is often labeled as unnecessary, customers do not know very well which work is being carried out and find it unnecessary. Yet an interior consultant adds many values ​​to the total delivery of a home. Architectural choices are made depending on interior advice, in short, the finishes of your house can be determined by interior advice. An interior consultant therefore also first takes stock of the wishes and requirements with the customer, then these are included in the preparation of a preliminary design. This is discussed with the customer and any changes are made to arrive at the final design. To give the client a clear picture of the atmosphere that will be created, the interior consultant makes impressions and mood boards. As soon as the design is approved, the consultant arranges the orders and the location is styled on site and made ready for use.

Why is an interior consultant necessary

An interior consultant has a different view of the space than an interior architect, so they can complement each other. The architectural choices that must be made ultimately influence the interior choices that can be made. The purchase of interior advice prevents important layout conflicts, such as placing a window from floor to ceiling and subsequently not being able to place a sofa against it. These errors can hinder the liveability of the space. This can be prevented through professional advice and you may also be faced with surprises.

Final delivery of an interior consultant

After the course of the various phases, an interior consultant delivers a final presentation. This is of course different for each consultant depending on the house style. This is usually in short lines the discussed presentation with the indicated guidelines, so you can easily find things when the process is finished. The delivery often consists of the following things: program of requirements, mood board focused on the chosen interior style, advice on the use of color within the room, the final design (2D), impressions of the design (3D), quotations, furniture frame and in some cases also investigate material use depending on the situation. In addition to the file that you receive, you have of course received a lot of advice. This combination has provided a beautiful interior to taste.