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With this style you can do anything, choose furniture that is nice and busy and bright colors. Go over the top! For example, choose a cool yellow color for the couch with a busy print on the carpet. This style is mainly about dressing up. Think of a beautiful rug with graphics, rattan baskets and fabrics with colorful prints, fringes and beads.

The word “bohemian” refers to someone who is socially unconventional and often involved in the arts, making it a great interior design option for a rich and noisy space full of visual interests and a relaxed spirit.

If I were to describe the style Bohemian I would say exotic prints, rich materials and a touch of vintage. There is a lot of color used and busy materials like rattan and jute. You also see a lot of plants in this style. Plants fit perfectly with a bohemian style because they are an affordable and readily available method of creating a laid-back vibe while adding dimension to a room.

Bohemian often involves mixing styles so it can get very busy. To create tranquility use color as the unifying factor in your interior. Let 1 color come back in several places to create peace and cohesion between the different styles.

A few tips in a row for a perfect bohemian interior:

  • Keep it quiet by having 1 color come back in multiple places to create peace and cohesion between the different styles.
  • Go over the top! Choose furniture with bright colors and rugs with busy prints.
  • Plants fit perfectly with this style because they provide a relaxed style.