Can you mix styles or is that a no go?

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As far as we are concerned. If you like multiple cultures, colors and materials why would you stick to 1 style. By mixing styles you create your own style and you make your home your own. At school we were told to be careful with mixing styles because it can quickly become too busy. We definitely agree but there are limits. Do you also have different opinions about the style in your home. Read these tips:

Tips for mixing styles and still keep peace in your home.

  • Choose the same colors.
  • Create different heights.
  • Put several pieces of furniture of the same style together to create unity.
  • Make sure there is 1 eye catcher and not all different, this prevents crowding.
  • Create mood boards of the styles you like and then try to create 1 mood board.
  • By matching details the styles do not dominate so much. This creates more peace.
  • Choose 1 color palette.