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In the construction field one of the most important aspects is a good communication between client, architect and contractor: this is one of the keys for well executed design. Unfortunately, not always it goes as the costumer would like.
In general the client is contacting the architect for realizing his or her wishes: the aim of the architect is to make them real through designing good products. “Anything is possible if you want it”, but there is one aspect to take into account: the price and execution time.

For instance, the client could request to the architect a design of kitchen with luxury details and cutting-edge elements (such as black marble countertops or dark green kitchen cabinets). The next step is to search for a kitchen supplier company or a contractor, and then to discuss the design with them. However, it may happen that the customer’s wishes are shattered, since it is possible that the materials he so yearned for are not available, or the details are too expensive.

How is possible to make so much effort asking the architect to design the kitchen that the client wished for and therefore is so expensive or impossible to realize?Architects and structural designer can make your dreams come true, but only on paper. Without an active communication with the different professionals involved in the construction, it is hardly feasible to have a good project, in every aspect.

That is why communication and collaboration between the different involved parties is the starting point, but also what you aim for to realize