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CLT (cross laminated timber), also called cross laminated timber (KLH), is an emerging type of wood that is increasingly used in construction.
This is a computer-controlled woodworking process and is characterized by the enormous strength it has
CLT is made up of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 9 cross-glued single-layer plates. This makes the CLT panels rigid and retains its shape. These plates are perpendicular to each other. The CLT panels therefore have several layers. The glue that is used here is PUR glue. PUR glue is very good if you want to take the joints apart again later for reuse.
This method is very sustainable, because you can reuse the panels in other projects. Also because the wood is a sustainable material by itself, this is a great advantage. The residual waste is also recycled as much as possible after construction (such as biomass, for example), so that there is an optimal circular process. The factory where these panels are made is also often self-sufficient.

How can you apply CLT?
CLT is used in buildings as a structural element. This then takes place in the form of wall elements, floor elements and / or roof elements. This material can withstand a lot and is light, it is very strong and can be seen as an alternative to concrete and because it is so strong, large spans can be made. For example, a building was built with it that consists of 24 floors.