Korea is a very cultural and diverse country. They have their own authentic style that can be seen in their kitchen, art and of course their interior and architecture. Today we are going to dive deeper into one of their interior styles. A popular style that can be seen a lot and has been taking over the internet is the ”Korean style bedroom”. The question now is, what is a “Korean style bedroom” and how can you create one yourself?

There are a lot of students in Korea, making the one-room apartments very popular. This means that the sleeping area in these apartments smaller is. The “Korean style bedroom” looks at their circumstances and has given it a modern design. The “Korean Style bedroom” is a modern look at the Asian design. It is a cozy style that focuses on minimalistic and simple aspects of the interior. Even though the design is simple and minimalistic a warm atmosphere is created to balance the interior. In combination with natural light and spatiality the interior comes together to make a whole.

One of the components that is important in creating the “Korean style bedroom” is the use of minimal furniture. Only basic furniture is present in the room, this ensures that the room look calmer and feel more open. This however does not mean that the room is empty, but more that the attention is paid to functionality and placement of the furniture. Use the space as smartly as possible and make use of empty furniture. Because of this there is a lot of use of bookcases and shelves. This is an easy way to display your books, accessories and mementos without losing minimalism. Placing wall decorations such as posters with Korean symbols or illustrations from Korean artist are also very common.

The color pallet that you mainly see in the “Korean style bedroom” are neutral colors, think of different brown tones in combination with white. This color combination can be applied in your interior by placing natural materials in the room like wood, cotton and ceramics. In addition, there are also pastel colors added to the space. These colors can be added in the accessories.

So how do you make your own “Korean style bedroom”? Make sure you look closely at the placement and functionality of your furniture. All unnecessary items and furniture can be shoved out to make room for a spatial environment. Make use of primarily white and brown furniture for a warm look and don’t for get to use natural Furniture/products.



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