For many people, building yourself sounds like a perfect opportunity to build their dream home. But a lot of work is involved in such a self-build project. And how do you know for sure that you will be really happy with the result later on. Do you think about starting a DIY project? Then keep this in mind:

First of all you have to think of where you will buy a site. Then you can determine whether you will build alone, together with a group or with a project developer. Most people first look for a building plot and then think what they want to build. A building plot already determines for a large part what your house will look like. The building plot can determine the shape of your house, the location of the house and the size. Make sure you know what kind of house you want to build before you look for a building site.


  • An important reason why people build their own house themselves is freedom. You can realize all your living wishes and your house will be completely to your taste.
  • A home building lot often has certain conditions that the home must meet.
  • Building your own house yourself is not necessarily cheap. However, the price-quality ratio of self-construction is often much better than that of series-based construction projects, as shown by research.
  • You often get more space with a self-build house. For as many square meters, you would lose a lot more money in series construction than if you built your own house.


  • If you are going to build your house yourself then you are responsible that the project runs smoothly. The communication with the architect and contractor must be good and it is useful to be able to organize a bit. If you have project management skills, self-building is a good choice.
  • In addition, self-building takes a lot of time. It is a very nice route but it will take a lot of time. Outside other activities you have to have a lot of free time to search for information, orientation and decision making. During the construction time is also handy so you can keep an eye on everything during building.
  • If you manage to free up enough time you can make better choices for your home. This way you can think and decide on many things.
  • That you have all the freedom to make your home exactly your taste does not only have advantages. Because you can go so many ways, you can sometimes no longer see the forest through the trees.
  • If you buy a house you can not escape all the paperwork, but if you are going to build a house yourself you will have twice as much paperwork.


There is a lot of time and work involved but in the end you will be trost on the end result. Can you plan, organize and have patience? Do not wait any longer, and build your own dream house!