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Wabi Sabi is the living trend that comes from Japanese philosophy. Wabi Sabi is not about perfection, but about imperfection. You may have heard of it, but we don’t blame you if you initially thought it had something to do with sushi. In this blog we tell you everything about this interior trend.


In short the philosophy of Wabi Sabi

It is an ancient Japanese philosophy that is not about pursuing perfectionism, but rather the opposite: accepting that not everything is perfect. Imperfection can give peace to your life, not always having to strive to be perfect. Find the beauty in the imperfect and accept things as they are. Wabi Sabi has often been translated into art, interior and design. Natural materials, austerity, asymmetrical shapes and aging.


Embracing imperfections

We are used to interiors often being about perfection, but Wabi Sabi is all about imperfection. Back to basics, peace and quiet. With imperfection, the walls in your home do not have to be painted in detail, but can remain unfinished. Another recognizable part of the Wabi Sabi interior are the asymmetrical furniture. In addition, mainly natural materials are used. Such as concrete, wood and stone are widely used. A crack in the concrete floor or in the walls is not seen as disturbing, but as an addition to your interior. In this style it is important to show that people live and love. The natural materials often have imperfections of their own. Nature is as it is. Just think of the veins in the wood or the lines in an earthenware bowl. Imperfection is about accepting and appreciating. That is precisely the beauty that Wabi Sabi radiates.


How do you translate Wabi Sabi into your interior?

You can integrate Wabi Sabi into your interior in various ways, including through accessories, window decoration, floor and with the walls. You do this by using the accompanying natural materials such as linen, wool, concrete, clay, wood and cotton. After all, it’s all about the natural elements! If we look at the colors that suit Wabi Sabi, they are mostly neutral and soft tones, such as gray and warm earth tones for a soothing atmosphere. Finally, you can also recognize Wabi Sabi by the contrasts between light and dark. Wabi Sabi is all about going back to basics, so don’t use too much fuss!


Create peace in your home and in yourself

The materials and colors you use in the Wabi Sabi interior create an interior that exudes peace. Yet Wabi Sabi is more than an interior trend, with Wabi Sabi you can create the right mindset that focuses on gratitude for what we have, instead of always longing for new things. This way of thinking will allow you to feel happier in the here-and-now. This is how Wabi Sabi shows that imperfection can also be perfect and you don’t have to do everything within the lines. You can really relax in a Wabi Sabi interior!