Nowadays it is a must that you create an interior that you can place very well within the styles that are completely in. You quickly think of this: Scandinavian, industrial, bohemian and national. But what is interior really all about and what makes it so special?

For me and undoubtedly for more people, interior design is a way of turning a house into a home. You can do this to find the most suitable interior where you can find yourself.

To return to the standard interior styles that exist there is also one of the large family that is not so well known. This is an eclectic interior. An eclectic interior is a mix of different design periods, multiple interior styles and different textures and styles in one. But what this style is central to is that it is completely tailored to your own personal style and taste. You combine the colors, patterns and furniture that appeal to you. It is necessary that you dare to think out of the box. Standard rules dare to break through and simply to ignore all traditions.

The following 6 handles should help you design an eclectic interior.


# 1 the base

The basis in a house are the walls, floor and ceiling. This is also reflected in an interior. With an eclectic interior you have a light, warm base. In the design process you see more color, pattern and structure appear afterwards. Think of it as your empty canvas on which you leave your signature. Of course you can always give the walls a color, but you should be careful with the furniture and accessories that fill the space. It can very easily become too chaotic.

# 2 Mix and match!

One of the main rules of an eclectic interior is that you mix old with new. For example, combine an old cupboard with a new chair or a new mirror with an old retro sofa. What you achieve well with this is a balance between old and new and modern and characteristic. The whole idea and tradition that everything has to fit together should mainly try to let go. Not all dining room chairs need to be the same. And not all dishes must be identical.

# 3 personal collection

Personality is what matters eclectically. Give your beautiful collections a beautiful place in space. Or show something personal; photos and things that are central to you. In this way you leave your mark and immediately feel a lot nicer in the space, because you see things of yourself again.

# 4 art

Of course, no art can be missing in every house. In an eclectic interior, for example, there should not be any art missing. Art comes in many different forms. An image, painting or tapestry. Choose something that you like and this ensures that the space has more variety. The great thing about art is that you have art from different types of periods that are central to art history. Here too, much can be played within an interior.

# 5 focal point

The moment you walk into a room where it was more chaotic than other rooms, it is important that you create a focal point. Or an eye catcher. In this way you can ensure that something is central to the space surrounded by a beautiful design and collection of furniture and accessories.

# 6 consistency

If you combine many different colors, shapes, patterns and structures, it can get pretty restless in the long run. To ensure that you create an eclectic interior without it becoming very chaotic, you can have certain color pallets, structures or shapes appear in different places. In this way it ultimately becomes a coherence of different things. And do you have a common thread in your interior?