Bringing the quality of life to a maximum

Because of our flexibility we can adapt to any situation and give the best performance making each project a success.

Our team of design and consulting specialists have a passion. Not only for real estate, but for life as a whole. People in the Netherlands approximately spend about 80% of their time in a building. The direct impact of real estate on our lives therefore is huge! Reflecting on the final use of the building, thinking about the actual life of a building, thus gives us satisfaction. Studio Flex is an independent party, active in all stages of a building process: from initiative to use. Besides the traditional design products, we connect creative design processes with consulting services.
With your demands, interests and preferred approach in our mind, we are able to designing creatively in order to deliver a customized solution in complex situations. Analytical and to the point, but also creatively, Studio Flex delivers its products. Vacancy issues for example, with the potential not (yet) clearly in the picture, or a roadmap for improving the sustainability of a building: our advice provides new insights and guidance, reduces risks and helps you make the right choice.



At Studio Flex we do not accept a less bad approach. With us you will always get the best performance that suits you.


We are really passionate about what we do. This is clearly shown in our great relationship with our customers.


Every person and every project is different. By being flexible we can adapt and offer the right approach.

Meet the Flex'ers

Our flexible organization of architects, engineers, designers and real estate consultants has a passion. Not only for real estate, but for life as a whole.
Rodrigo Lima

Hello & Welcome!

In a driven and creative way I like to extend my limits and accept every challenge.

Rodrigo Lima
Camille Wiekenkamp

Nice to meet you!

The social relevance of architectural developments has always intrigued me.

Camille Wiekenkamp
Ramone de Bruin


I like to get my inspiration from different eras and use both traditional and modern techniques in the realization of ideas.

Ramone de Bruin
Interior stylist
Lenno Toet


Integral design can only be achieved with the correct calculations.

Lenno Toet
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