Structural design

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More than engineers

Studio Flex advises you when designing an efficient construction. We act as an advisor and as part of a design team, Studio Flex understands that it is more about translating a Program of Requirements into a design.

In case of doubt or for certainty, we can technically assess your construction plan whether it is in order. Primarily, it is about constructive safety, but also about (technical) sustainability. In addition, Studio Flex can also provide you with complete unburdening in which we perform construction, building physics and installation.

Structural design



More advisory services

At Studio Flex we find the collaboration important, it is not only about the result, but also about the process. Building is for people and with people. It is about finding a common goal that we work on together, in order to achieve the best result.

As a consulting engineer we deliver our contribution to the demands of our clients and we do this with an eye for the quality of the built environment. We are on the one hand and service provider and at the same time have a social and social responsibility.