In interiors with limited spaces it is useful to make a layout that can be used for multiple functions or is easy to move. A practical layout is therefore important for small spaces. Take an example of student housing or even in a bus or boat. A practical design and flexible working is a trend that comes back. Not only in offices but also at your home.

Make your dining table or kitchen island drivable so you can easily move it if your space is short. It is also useful to give it another function, such as a workplace or bar table. The living room and kitchen are also often joined together to save space. It is also a bit of flex work. You can now do your office work in the kitchen and therefore you have more contact with your fellow man.

In the bedroom you can use folding office tables. Here you see an example of a folding table that, when folded, turns into a mirror. Be creative and come up with fun ideas to make your space as practical as possible.

You can of course use this way of saving space with your dining table in the kitchen or living room or even in your office. Or how about a closet where you can open the sliding doors for more sitting space?

For small spaces such as a boat or bus it is even more difficult to come up with a practical layout. Use furniture that can have different functions, such as foldable and extendable tables or beds. This creates some extra space for something else or just for that little bit more walking space.

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