Over the past decades, the design process has become increasingly divided. It is also the role of an architect and an engineer increasingly to stand on each other. The architect celebrates his creativity on the design and makes a final design and the engineer only comes into the picture to calculate the design. There are a lot of drawbacks here.


First, this method of design can take an unnecessarily long time. The architect makes a final design, the engineer analyzes the design and comes up with adjustments and the architect has to make these adjustments in his design. And the story starts again from the beginning.

In addition, the wishes of the architect and the viewpoint of the engineer are often far apart. By engaging the manufacturer only after a design has been fully developed, the risk increases that an architect and a constructor can not find each other in the design and there is a delay in the design process.

The above can also result in the fact that construction components are not efficiently used in a design or that structural components are over-dimensioned. In any case, there is no question of an efficient design. The quality of the design, both on the part of the architect and on the part of the manufacturer, will also not be optimal.

All this can be prevented by involving the engineer early in the design process. In the initial phase, the engineer can give advice and contribute ideas in the design process of the architect. This is the method within Studio Flex. This is where the architect and the constructor sit side by side and can consult so often in order to realize the best possible design, which both the architect and the constructor support. Within Studio Flex we call this iterative method of designing the Flex Design.

In this way, the risk that the design process runs unnecessarily inefficiently is minimized and the quality of the final design product is maximized. The customer thus benefits from the best possible product.

Studio Flex has succeeded in completing several projects successfully and optimally through Flex Design.