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The first thing you see of a house, the front yard. It is the calling card of your home. You walk past it daily but does a front yard catch your eye? Many front gardens are not well maintained or nothing is even done about it. I think this is a shame because this is the place where you look at every day when you go out or come in.

There are of course many different front gardens with different styles, shapes and sizes. One is 2m by 3m and the other can be 10 meters long. But how do you create a cozy front yard?

Here I have some tips for a nice, cozy garden. Big and small:

– Create a nice seating area
– Place lots of plants
– Grass
– Path of gravel or nice stones
– If you want to separate the front yard from the neighbors place a low fence or a hedge.
– A gabion on the side can be super cute.
– Make use of the height, for example: planters with multiple layers, hang things on the wall / fence or place a somewhat higher tree.

Do you think your garden needs more life? Make sure to use the tips above.
Your front yard will be a pleasure to walk along.