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Facade cladding has changed a lot over the years. It can not only provide a decorative finish, but has also many other advantages. One of the many types of facade cladding is a green facade. As is known, we emit a lot of CO2 these days and this has a negative effect on the environment. Therefore, a green facade is especially valuable at this time, since it contributes to air purification. A green facade has many advantages, below you can read the 10 most important ones.

1. CO2

As described above, a green facade helps to purify the air around us. The plants filter the particulate matter and convert CO2 into oxygen. They can also provide cooling on hot days, since plants absorb sunlight. This makes it cooler and ensures a more pleasant climate.

2. Good insulation

A green facade reduces noise and is therefore a very good insulation layer. It ensures environmental peace both inside and outside.

3. Reduction of diseases

A green facade can also be used in the interior, for example as a wall. Especially in offices this promotes the indoor climate and complaints such as headaches, dry throats, irritated eyes and fatigue decrease. In offices where sufficient green is applied, one will find a clear decrease in absenteeism. Plants are therefore a good investment in many cases.

4. Increasing productivity

Plants have a positive effect on people. It is known that people often feel more comfortable with many plants around them. Productivity rises both on the work floor and at home.

5. Positive effect

Living and working in a green environment has a positive effect on the well-being of people. Green offers relaxation and less stress.

6. Fire safety

You might not say it, but a green facade also provides a fire-resistant layer. This is because plants naturally contain a lot of moisture, which has a fire-resistant effect. However, the wall must of course be well maintained and the plants must not be dehydrated.

7. Sustainability

By adding a green facade, the value of the house rises because it is a sustainable element. It can also ensure a reduction of energy costs.

8. Protection of the weather

A green facade offers protection against weather influences such as sun, rain, wind and temperature changes, thus extending the lifespan of your (underlying) facade.

9. Positive effect on rainwater

The green facade absorbs rain water because plants absorb water. It thus delays the drainage to the sewer, purifies the rainwater and causes evaporation by the plants. In this way the groundwater level remains stable and the peak load on the sewer is reduced as is the risk of flooding.

10. Promotes the living environment

Plants promote the living environment of birds, butterflies and insects. This has a particularly favorable effect on a city where there is only stone.

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