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When you come to a hotel the hotel room often has the same parts as a hotel you have been before. During designing the hotel rooms of de Pier, we thought about what is important in a hotel room and what should be paid attention to. Here we described a few things that are very important.

The most important thing you do in a hotel room is of course sleeping, some hotel rooms are especially designed for this. It is important that a bed is comfortable, and you have a good night’s sleep, so it is important to have a double bed with 1 mattress instead of 2 separate mattresses. It is of course annoying if you suddenly lie between 2 mattresses in the middle of the night!

Everything in a hotel room must of course be able to be used properly and has to be strong enough, because a hotel room is used by many different people. This makes it convenient to work in a hotel room with materials that are vandal-proof and cannot easily break. This is not only pleasant for the hotel, but also for the guests.
Nothing is more annoying if you cannot store your belongings, luckily hotels respond to this very well and it is important to have a place for both the furniture and the personal belongings of the guests. This is considered and space is created for this.

When we go to bed, we often put our phone on the charger, hotels know this too. Therefore, consideration is also given to where sockets are placed.

You may not realize it quickly, but in a hotel, hygiene is of course very important. This applies not only to cleaning the bathroom, but also to the furniture in the hotel room. A bed with a fabric cover can become soiled much faster. It is useful to use as few fabrics as possible when decorating a hotel.

We have thought about these things when designing the hotel suites for the Pier. By taking these things into account, we were able to make a successful final design and our designed suites are realized! For the pictures you can look at our project page.