How do you ensure a warm welcome and a neat hallway?

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Many people have children in the house from young to old. Then you probably know what a mess there can be. Coats on the floor, closets are full and shoes all over the hallway. If you have a small hallway this is not what you want. You are cleaning up every day. How are we going to make sure the hallway stays tidy and there is enough room.


  • Often in the hallway there is the meter cupboard. Put stuff in here if you can. For example, we have the plastic bags and grocery bags in here.
  • Choose a narrow closet if your hall is not so wide. Here you can put things on and / or do. Make sure it is not glass because then it remains messy.
  • Use the height. Hang example hooks for bags, coats and keys. Hang it high so you still have space below.
  • If the stairs are in the hallway making the space smaller. Make use of the space under the stairs. Hang some nice accessories or put a small cabinet down.
  • Provide a quiet floor and colors on the walls. This gives a peaceful appearance.
  • Hang a mirror in the hallway. I know how annoying it is to go out somewhere and not be able to check how you look.
  • Make your hallway your own. Hang fun photos of you or your family with fun accessories.
  • Everything in a fixed place. Make sure there is no chaos in such a small space.

These were 8 tips to create a cozy and calm hallway. Good luck and I hope you find them useful.