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Valley is a residential and office tower on the Zuidas in Amsterdam. They started construction in August 2017 and it was completed at the end of 2021. The building attracts a lot of attention and is a special building.

The building has shops, a museum, a gym and swimming pool, restaurants and bars. And there is a lot to experience. Valley’s design emphasizes the contrast between the business history and the more residential future of the Zuidas. All apartments are different, so each apartment is unique. From the ground floor to the seventh floor are the offices, space for culture, retail, catering and access to the residential towers. The residential floors start from the 8th floor. A total of 198 homes have been built.

A piece of nature returns to the Zuidas through the Valley. This is mainly due to the integrated greenery and the natural stone finish. The feeling of the green valley is further enhanced by the inner garden, which is located on the lower floors and is connected by stairs. The Valley was designed by the architect Winy Maas, who wanted to create something with the design that is differed from the gleaming offices that dominated Zuidas.