How to make your home Easter ready?

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I personally am a huge fan of Easter. The coziness and the pastel colors that keep coming back. The weather is nice around this time so you can do many activities outside and inside. In the morning you can have a nice breakfast or brunch with the whole family.
Unfortunately corona makes this a bit more difficult of course but don’t let it spoil the fun. Think of something so you can celebrate in a fun way. For example, make a bike ride with friends / family in the area and agree that at each address something delicious is ready.

Easter is all about fun I think so here are some tips to make your home Easter ready + some fun ideas to do.

– Find a nice Easter branch and put it in a place where it is easily visible. Decorate it with happy Easter eggs and/or other fun things. Put the branch in a nice vase and put some fun things around it. (See photo)
– Open the curtains all day for light in the house. It immediately creates a good atmosphere.
– Put down decorations that have to do with Easter or just cheerful accessories that go with it.
– Set the table for brunch: Find some nice napkins and flowers and you’re already in the mood. Fold the napkins into a nice shape and put the flowers in a nice vase. What I also find very cool are dried flowers. Put them in a nice position with the napkin.
– Pick out some cute flowers for the front and backyard.

Fun ideas to do:
– Old-fashioned Easter egg hunt
– Spend an afternoon doing crafts
– Dyeing Easter eggs

Happy Easter and enjoy the tips!