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Summer is coming and everyone is having a nice barbecue in the garden or on their balcony. How nice if you have a nice place outside where you can sit. If you are lucky you have sun until 10 o’clock and otherwise you can enjoy your balcony all day long. Are you ready for a change and are you tired of sitting inside? Here are a few tips to turn your balcony into a great place to sit.

Make your balcony cosy.

Place some candles with nice decorations. Hang fun things on the wall or put down a nice rug for a nice atmosphere. What I like best is a garland of lights.

Create privacy.

Many balconies have railings where you can see right through. Often not fun and certainly not nice if you’re sunbathing in your bikini or bathing suit. A nice solution is a balcony screen of bamboo. Put it against the railing and you have no visibility anymore.

Tips for cold summer evenings and winters.

Installing heaters is the easiest solution, but if you don’t have the budget, what can you do? Lay out lots of rugs and a balcony screen also reduces wind.

Make sure there are plenty of seating areas.

How nice it is to invite as many people as possible in the summer now that everything is allowed again. If there is room for a table, I would certainly put it there with some nice chairs. Do you only have room for a small lounge set put some side tables there. Do you really have no place for chairs or sofas make use of the ground. Put some nice pillows down and there you have a new place to sit. If there is room for a hammock hang it up! How chill is it to read a book in a hammock.

Green is a must.

You can never have too many plants. Hang them or put them wherever you can. Always cozy with lots of plants.


Good luck with revamping your balcony, hope you find the tips useful.