how to turn your garden into your second living room?

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How wonderful it is in the summer when you can throw open the doors and windows completely.
You can walk into the garden and actually have the same feeling as inside in terms of cosiness and interior. I am all about it!

Here I have some tips for a cozy garden:
– Create large seating areas so you can sit with friends and family.
– Place a canopy or porch so you can have a nice drink in the summer evenings.
– Choose an outdoor carpet on the ground or hang it on the fence or wall. (See photo)
– Put lots of accessories down for fun
– Use colors, shapes and materials that match.
– Paint the wall of the shed in a matching color. This is often made of bricks and that does not have a very nice look


At home we have never actually made the garden how we would really like it to be. We have been thinking about how to make it for a year now and we are getting very close to a good idea. We have definitely incorporated the top tips into the design.

An outdoor carpet is something we have had for 2/3 years. If I may give you a tip, buy one that will last a nice long time. This one may be a bit pricier but buying a new one every year is not nice either. Unless of course you like variety. That is all up to you!

Green in the garden:
Place lots of plants in the garden as filler or for a nice look. Because of course green belongs in the garden. What I find super cool are climbing plants, place them for example between the fence or maybe against the wall of the barn.

Lighting in the garden:
Hang a nice lamp under the canopy if you have one. Lamps on the fence around the garden provide plenty of light. Other places in the garden, for example by a bench or by the outdoor kitchen you can put some extra light.

There are many different options for your garden so you can make it as cheap as you want. Good luck with your garden!