Which one do you choose?

The dining table is becoming more and more important in homes, it is being more used every day. We are talking to family and friends, working or eating on it. In this article you will learn more about the “industrial type” dining tables.


The table is characterized by the sturdy and robust materials. The table often consists of wood and metal. The wood gives a rural look and the metal has an industrial look.


Metal dining tables are sturdy and sturdy. The material is easy to clean, with a damp cloth. The disadvantage is that metal is untreated, it can start to rust.


Besides materials, there is also enough choice between shapes. For example, you can opt for a round, oval, square or rectangular table. Take a good look at the shape that is most practical in the room.


There are different types of wood that can be used for a dining table. You can protect wood by means of a lacquer, wax from oil. The following types of wood can be used for a dining table:


Oak wood is one of the most well-known types of wood. The wood is strong and hard and is widely used for furniture. Oak has a rustic and robust appearance.


It is a soft type of wood that can be processed late, or it can cause dents faster.

Beech wood

Beech wood has a light brown color with sometimes a red glow. The wood is very hard and hardly splinter.

Tree trunks

Nowadays you see more and more a table with a leaf that is a cross-section of a tree trunk. Such a leaf is tough and has a motherly appearance.