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Now that the days are getting colder, people are turning on their heating more often so that it remains a pleasant temperature in the house. There are many different ways to heat your home these days. For example, most homes have radiators, floor or air heating. In recent years, more sustainable and cheaper ways of heating have been looked at. A few years ago, for example, a new way of heating was found, namely with infrared radiation. It is sustainable, cheap and almost all energy is converted into heat.

But what about that?

Infrared radiation (also called IR radiation) is radiation that the sun emits and warms the earth with it. With today’s technology, there are carbon fiber structure ceiling and wall plates that radiate this ir radiation. This is called ir heating. There are 2 types of IR heating. For example, we have a short wave of IR radiation. Due to the short wave, the IR radiation is intense and can heat the objects well. This is mainly used for outdoor applications. And you have the long wave IR radiation. This is the heating solution. The radiation is less bright and does not penetrate deeply through the skin. It provides a pleasant and warm feeling.



You can place IR panels almost anywhere in a home or building. Whether in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, office space, etc. Ir radiation does not need air to heat the room. It therefore does not lose any heat and only the objects in the room are heated. That is what makes the ir heating so sustainable, you save a lot of energy.



Is it safe?

Ir radiation is not harmful to the body. The sun gives off the same radiation along with light and UV radiation. The IR panels really only emit IR radiation. This also has a beneficial effect on the human body. It relieves pain in the joints and muscles and in winter it prevents a dry nose, mouth and throat. With central heating radiators you have the disadvantage that dust floats on the warm air flow, which can also cause possible problems.

Advantages of ir heating

  • It is very economical. Almost all energy is converted into radiation.
  • IR panels require little to almost no maintenance.
  • They can be easily installed anywhere.
  • It prevents dry air and flying harmful substances.

Disadvantages of ir heating

  • IR panels have an electrical cord that must be concealed.
  • For proper use you need to have the correct positioning and sizing.
  • You can only really save energy with it if you use it smartly.