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King’s Day is just around the corner! One of the nicest celebrations of the year in my opinion. This year just like last year different than usual. To still take the fun of the festivals and cities. We can unpack in skin. I can already hear you think ‘butr…. Orange…?”. In this blog you will read more about how you can combine orange in your interior. First I’ll start with what does the color orange do to you? Orange is known as the color of fun. This color motivates and gives you more self-confidence. But be careful that the orange color does not dominate.

Do you think the color orange is so cool but you do not know how to incorporate it into your interior? Here are some tips for orange in your home:

– Look for an orange shade that does not stand out too much.
– Combine the color with a saturated color.
– Provide a quiet base with an orange accent.

On King’s Day, of course, it doesn’t matter what your home looks like. And certainly not if we have to celebrate it at home. Make it a cozy party with lots of orange decorations.