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In recent years you see it more and more, some church buildings seem unnecessary and are given a different purpose. Nowadays there are many homes in church buildings.

Secretly, many people are dreaming of renovating an old building and making it their dream home. In practice it proves more difficult than expected. The advantages and disadvantages we have put together, so that you can check whether living in a church really is for you.


– Most churches are very large and the spaces are open. Because it is so big you can easily go live with a family or for example make an office at home.

– The space is often open and therefore you are free to divide the total according to your wishes. So you can choose to leave it open or to close some parts.

– Churches often have characteristic features that make the building extra special. You can think of glass and lead, the altar and for example the tiles.


– Because space is large, it is difficult to keep the room at the desired temperature. This problem can be solved by, for example, floor heating, only then the original floor has to be removed.

– You will also have to think about the acoustics. The space is large and noisy. You can solve this by dividing the space with partition walls.

There are a number of drawbacks to living in a church, but these can certainly be solved. The size, open space and characteristic features are a good reason to live in a church.


The loft is also a living possibility that you see more and more often in recent years. It is very similar to living in a church. You can create the same feeling in a church as in a loft. The space is large and open and has certain characteristic features. The characteristic features can be a consideration for choosing a church instead of a loft. A loft is often a space on an industrial estate. It has features such as large windows, steel doors, stairs and stone walls. A loft has an industrial radiation.


A family lives in the Hubertuskerk in Dongen-Vaart. After a search for a large farm or old school Wouter and Liesbeth came across this church. The church was on
sale and Wouter and Liesbeth were immediately sold. After writing a detailed motivation letter, the couple got the green light and started the renovation. They have cultivated the church with great respect for the past and history. They have the Mariakappelletje that stood first in the church outside for the villagers.