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Whether you live in Amsterdam, Rotterdam or The Hague, central living in the city has many advantages. You can go to the city quickly or you live close to your work. Living in the city has many advantages and there is a lot of demand for it, but is it really that nice? It also brings with it enough disadvantages.


  • You can go to the city quickly and easily. Everything is central, even a visit to the hospital or supermarket can be done quickly.
  • Public transport is within easy reach.
  • There is always something to do, go to a cozy café or go to the movies! You never get bored.
  • It is also smart when it comes to employment. The most diverse functions are usually represented in the city, so you do not have to look far for that.
  • You have lower energy costs because you often live in smaller houses in the city than in rural areas. Moreover, homes in the city are often well insulated and you need less energy to heat your house.


  • There is less nature and therefore less fresh air. Living in a more green area is nice for when you have pets, but it is also beneficial for your own health.
  • Less safe. Especially if you have young children, life in the city can be less safe than if you live in a village. There is often more traffic and crime in the city.
  • Living in the city can be very busy. You have less privacy because many people live right next or on top of each other. You also often have no garden or terrace. Especially on Saturday evenings it can be busy on the street until late at night, which causes inconvenience. In the summer months it is sometimes extra crowded by tourists.
  • The prices of the houses are often relatively high. Especially for students it is nowadays almost impossible to rent a room for a reasonable price.

Circular living

The concept tower 360° by architect Kraaijvanger is a concept for the center of Rotterdam. It is a tower to improve the future in a sustainable and circular area. It combines cradle-to-cradle building with luxury and a healthy living environment for the residents. They are relatively small apartments but many facilities are shared. Over the whole length of the tower, a so-called ‘vertical farm’ has been integrated, which produces more than enough food for the residents and also cleans the city air.

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