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It’s already 2021, a new year means a new round and new opportunities. For many people this also applies to their interior. You take away the Christmas stuff and suddenly your living room seems so bare and uncomfortable again, before you know it you feel like giving your whole house a makeover. That is why I am going to discuss some living trends of 2021 in this blog.

The color of 2021 is Brave Ground from Flexa. This is a warm, natural neutral color that creates balance in any room.

Brave Ground™ de kleur van het jaar 2021 | Lippe Wonen
Here you see the Flexa color Brave Ground on the wall.
You can create different atmospheres with this color. You can combine the color Brave Ground with bright colors such as red and pink for a striking look. You can also combine the Brave Ground color with natural shades for a soothing look.

Un tono tierra intenso se anuncia como el color de 2021

you can see the color Brave Ground combined with pink and red.

Colours of the Year 2021 are Vivify and Brave Ground - Celebrity Angels

Here you see the color Brave Ground combined with natural tones.

In 2021, sustainability will become even more important than it already was. More and more people are opting for recycled material or a piece of furniture that is timeless and therefore lasts longer. Wood and even fabric can consist of recycled materials.
With a sustainable interior you can also think of vintage furniture, take a tour through the cycle and look for the gems. Old furniture is also more often reupholstered or repainted, so you can bring your old piece of furniture back to life.
What you will see a lot in 2021 is busy wallpaper. There are countless colors, patterns, shapes and materials for wallpaper. Dare to step out of your comfort zone and go crazy. With a busy wallpaper you will also see that you will style your interior from your wallpaper instead of choosing your wallpaper based on your interior.

Wallpaper | Wall wallpaper, Mural wallpaper, Interior

Teddy fabric
You have often seen teddy fabric come back into fashion. Usually you can already see from the fashion trends what the interior trends are going to be because they always follow each other. You can return the teddy fabric in accessories or rugs, but you can also cover your sofa or chair with it. Teddy fabric creates a warm and cozy atmosphere. For example, if you have a teddy fabric chair, put a smooth fabric sofa next to it. If you combine teddy fabric with smooth fabrics and cold materials, you create an exciting contrast.
Danish Bentwood Floor Lamp by Caprani of Denmark at 1stDibs

Due to corona we cannot go on holiday. But as a result you see that people allow more worldly influences to be reflected in their interior. Consider, for example, beautiful oriental wallpaper or many plants in the house for a “Bali effect”. Take your souvenirs out of the closet and give them a nice place in your interior, so you can also remember the trips you made when it was still possible.
Futuristic housing trend The Futuristic housing trend uses surprising combinations of earthy colors with pastel shades and an accent of neon or metallic here and there. The materials used in this trend are mainly smooth, transparent and shiny and the patterns used are minimalist and usually in the shape of a circle, drop or wave.

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