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Underground houses save land and are remarkably energy-efficient. No wonder they are particularly popular in cold countries with little flat ground, such as Norway, or a desert climate. There are even more reasons for living underground.


There is a constant temperature under the ground. In the winter you have enough on a sweater. And in the summer it is nice and cool. So you have no costs for the air conditioning or heating and it is better for the environment.


Do you enjoy gardening? Most homes that are located underground do not have a garden. Some houses therefore make use of a green roof for the sake of good insulation. In addition, your house can be located in wooded surroundings, but your garden is not, so you do not have to maintain it either.


If you live underground you also have more privacy compared to a normal home. So for the people who are very fond of their privacy this is an ideal home.

Each house has a unique look