Do you already feel like summer? That wonderful sun that goes in until the late hours. Do you want to make your home summer with a fresh new look. It is easy, a small detail can leave a whole different impression. If you want some tips on how you can best tackle, read on and get invested!


It is time to live and enjoy. This can be applied in different ways, you don’t have to take a completely new interior right away to get this atmosphere. Changing the color on your wall also gives a completely different effect and creates a new atmosphere in your home. To help you a bit with this, I am going to give some tips that everyone can apply in his / her home. Hopefully this gives some inspiration to prepare your own house for summer!


Changing your layout is the simplest solution to give your interior a different twist. Put your couch net on the other side of the room and you will find that the case looks very different. You can also do this with the smallest things. Consider exchanging wall decorations for moving accessories. Not much needs to be done to prepare your interior. If you are already busy moving, a large cleaning can be done. It may not sound very fresh, but it gives a wonderfully fresh new start to the summer.


Color is one of the biggest factors in your interior and also has the most effect on the atmosphere that you want to create. It is therefore also important to combine the different colors and to fit within the space. Depending on the interior style and the atmosphere you want in the house, the color must be, also remember that the light in a house can have a huge influence on a color. Applying light tones creates an open, fresh whole, the lighter the room, the brighter it will appear in the home. Above all, do not be afraid to leave your comfort zone, only here and there a bright tan that you would not choose so quickly at first. This is in a very different idea that you are thinking about earlier. Do you want to know more about the color we have written several blogs that can help you choose the perfect color for your house. You can find this under the heading blog on our website.


The use of materials that you have that you feel has a major influence on the feeling that you feel when entering and using a room. I recommend that you use natural materials within your summer interior, below you mean rattan, bamboo, pottery and wood. These give the warmth to the space that you want to keep for the later evenings but also gives that summer atmosphere that comes up as soon as you come to warm areas. In combination with frieze soft fabrics you get an airy whole that you look and gives an open feeling.

Icing on the cake

To complete your house accessories are indispensable, the smallest details can leave a big impact. That is why the use of home accessories within your space is very important. This is a small amount, does not immediately yield too much. To make the room even fresher and more open, opening windows and opening doors to the outside is always an option.

Do you have these steps then you are ready for those pleasant summer evenings with friends and family. The late sun hours that invade your fresh new interior will keep you sitting back on the couch with a delicious drink. Always a nice feeling to have everything nice and clean and new again. Have you benefited a lot from this and would you like to have help creating the perfect winter look for your home? We have previously written a blog about this with tips and tricks. You can find this here.