Maximalism is the opposite of minimalism. While minimalism is mainly about less is more, maximalism is about more is more! You can think of different prints, colours and eye catchers. A maximalistic interior must above all be fun and personal.


In the Mood: February 2018 {A Chic Room by Alex Papachristidis featuring one of my Favorite Fabrics, Schumacher’s Samarkand Ikat II}Source: Living Etc


There is no single maximalistic style. Maximalism is all about giving your own twist to your interior and there are no rules to be followed. Each maximalistic interior is unique and therefore looks different. One maximalistic interior focusses a lot on colour and the other on texture. You should use the things you like and give them a place in your interior. The more the merrier counts with maximalism and it is important to mix and match.

Maximalist interiors are often unique, because there is a combination of old and new, personal items are added and different prints and colours are chosen. A maximalistic interior often has a warm and cozy appearance. There are no rules at all when it comes to a maximalistic interior, creating an interior with character.

A maximalistic interior can be compared to an eclectic interior, because both styles are often busy and contain a lot of stuff. Eclectism is mainly about reviving old styles that mostly come from the 19th century. This is not taken into account with maximalism.