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Sometimes you’re lucky enough to have big windows and lots of light coming in. But what if you don’t? You’re always in the dark and it’s often not cozy because of too little outside light. Here are a few tips to make it cozier and lighter in your home.

Choose a lighter floor. The floor is a large surface area in the house and therefore largely determines whether it is light or dark in the house.

Lighter furniture: Choose light colors and materials. A beige couch can make all the difference. Change the cushions for cheerful and light colors. Or lighten the doors of your closet with a coat of paint.

Mirrors reflect light. Place these in strategic places in the room, so that the light in this room is reflected and reflected extra.

Install new windows/light dome. It definitely provides more light but not always an option for everyone. People in a row house often do not have the space for this. If this is possible in your home I would definitely recommend it.

A new, light color on the wall always works. It is a cheap solution and it actually changes the atmosphere in the house immediately. Add some other accessories and you immediately have a whole new look.

Sometimes the little things work too, open up your curtains a bit more or remove accessories from the windowsill.


These were my tips for more light in your home. Which one are you going to try out?