More and more interiors are furnished multifunctionally. A good example of a multifunctional space is the living room. Here you not only sit with the family, but you also receive guests here, watch movies or you rest here after a long day. People give the living room multiple functions, some also use it as a workspace, dining room or even use it as a bedroom if it is a studio. Small spaces are set up multifunctionally to save space.

The set-up is key in making a space functional. You can use the angles of a space in a smart way. Corners offer many possibilities; you can create storage space here by placing a cupboard here. You could also place shelves or a TV cabinet here. If there is enough depth, you could even create a workplace here.

More often multifunctional furniture is used in the interior: these are furniture with multiple functions. Multifunctional furniture is often used as a solution for a lack of space, but now several designers are also fan of this, and the furniture is becoming more beautiful. A familiar example of multifunctional furniture is the sofa with storage space underneath. The sleeping sofa is also a good example of multifunctional furniture. There are many more examples of multifunctional furniture.

Nowadays there are also bed frames with not only drawers with storage space, but there is also space below for storage.

Folding beds can also be used as cupboards. Some folding beds can even function as a workplace when folding the bed.

We cannot forget cupboards that serve as a roomdivider! You use this as storage and divide the space.