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One of the biggest changes in the interior is the kitchens. From a small cubicle they have changed into a very important aspect in the interior. what has changed the most is the technical parts in a kitchen.

One of the latest innovations is the extraction hood integrated into the hob. For example, there is no need for a hood above the cooking island, now you can enjoy the free view above the kitchen. The extractor responds to the settings of the hob, so that fat, moisture and odors are optimally removed. At the end of cooking and after a short delay time, the extraction is switched off again.

With this induction hob it does not matter how big the pan is and where you place it. He is heated in the spot where the pan comes into contact with the blade. With a touch screen you can adjust the heat. With some hobs you can even fry the meat on the pan without the need for a pan. the techniques are becoming more extensive and go faster than you think.

Nowadays we are almost all busy. Then it is so nice to come home in a kitchen that offers convenience. For example, in many homes a Quooker can already be found, with which you can immediately access boiling water, thus saving time.

We opt for convenience and speed in a kitchen. A new innovation that has been applied is called Domotica, that is that we can operate devices remotely. But also smart devices such as a coffee machine that prepares your coffee as soon as your alarm goes off.

Black is the new white in the kitchen world. Next year’s trends will be dark colors and materials. Also special materials that you do not often encounter in a kitchen. the current trend towards natural materials and silence remains, but it is now more about peace and spirituality. And that includes materials such as coarse wood, metal, natural stone, marble and concrete. At the same time we also see a return to the 70s and 80s.

The kitchen is now more of a residential area than just cooking. A cooking island is ideal for combining living, working and eating. That is why it is important that attention is paid to the kitchen to make it a nice place. Wide drawer’s and an island where you can sit with bar stools.

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