Here I have an overview of why you should or should not opt for a PVC floor.


The advantages:

You have a PVC floor in all styles. Think of classic stone, concrete look, wood look or elegant slate. Everything is possible! The advantage of a PVC floor is that you do not suffer from creaking floorboards. PvC has an acoustic damping. This way you will not be bothered by contact noise. The floor also feels warm and comfortable.

A PVC floor does not shatter, nor can it break down due to heavy loads. That is why these floors are suitable for use everywhere. From office spaces, shops, hospitals to living rooms.

A PVC floor needs little maintenance.

Hygiene is super important, especially in a hospital, healthcare institution, hotel and restaurant. All the dirt remains on the floor. It cannot hide in seams. A PVC is easy to keep clean and it is also moisture-resistant.

A PVC floor is a lot cheaper than a wooden floor while it has the same looks.

The cons:

Not all PVC floors are of good quality. If you buy a PVC floor from bad ones it can cause a lot of scratches. You will then enjoy your floor for less time. So first investigate the price-quality.

You can easily lay a click PVC floor yourself. The disadvantage of a click PVC floor is that the heat insulation is higher than with a slab of PVC floor.

You cannot usually lay a slab of PVC floor yourself.

PVC floor in damp rooms

A PVC floor is very suitable in damp rooms such as the kitchen, the toilet or the bathroom. The floor is provided with a moisture-resistant layer.

Apply underfloor heating

A PVC floor is well equipped for underfloor heating. This floor conducts heat well. The heat comes through the floor well.

Maintenance on the PVC floor

Dust the floor weekly and occasionally mop. The PVC floor requires no waxing or sanding.

There are a few measures you can take to keep your floor nice for longer:

Place felt pads under chair and table legs
Do not slide with heavy objects
Remove spilled floor dust
Use a cleaning mat at the door
With these plus and minus points you can probably make a choice whether or not you want a PVC floor.