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Our engineers guide you in designing an efficient construction. We act as a consultant, but also as part of a design team. At Studio Flex, we understand that it often involves more than just translating a Program of Requirements into a design. Primarily it is about structural safety, but also technical sustainability.

We provide all possible construction calculations, but can also, for example, technically assess your structural design for quality. In addition, Studio Flex can fully relieve you of the realization of your space or building, whereby the supporting structure is central to the design process.


Our structural engineer designs together with the architect and contractor. By implementing structural principles early in the design phase, a realistic building can be realized most efficiently.


Structural calculations are essential for construction and renovation projects. For a permit and also for implementation. Studio Flex provides all required construction calculations as well as clear reports.


Our engineers can think along and advise on structural issues, on location or remotely. That way, the best solution can always be found for every problem.


Your requirements are central. Here we make no distinction between a construction calculation for a wall breakthrough in a home, or the design of a full load-bearing structure of an office building: we offer tailor-made solutions at all levels.


Our skilled constructors and engineers start the calculation work. All products are clearly reported, so that the work is not only clear to you, but also to a municipality, for example. Clear communication ensures better project results.


When an assignment is completed, many parties think that they are ready and pull their hands off it. Studio Flex is not. A constructor assignment is always part of a larger project. We remain involved to facilitate other parties to make the overall project a success.

LOOKING FOR EXCLUSIVE SERVICES? Then you are at the right place at Studio Flex!

At Studio Flex we think collaboration is important, it’s not just about the result but also about the process. You build for people, with people. It is about finding a common goal that we work together to achieve the best result. This is how the strongest buildings are realized.

We can always provide the required calculations for a wall breakthrough quickly, so that unnecessary delays in construction or with a permit application can be prevented.

The existing construction must be tested and a new construction must be designed. The best solution is devised, taking into account all aspects.

Increasing your building requires extra attention. The construction of the extension is optimally adjusted to this.

We can completely relieve you of the construction of your new house or business premises. Through our broad cooperation with designers and other engineers, we realize one integrated total design.

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