Spring in the house

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The weather is getting nicer and the doors and windows at home are open more often. The sun is shining from early to late and you want a cozy and snug home.

Indoors: Take the spring inside. Choose cheerful and soft colors so you can enjoy the beautiful season inside. For example, do you still have the winter feeling in your house? Replace some furniture for bright and cheerful colors.

Garden: The garden is probably the place where you sit the most with such weather. Make sure you have plenty of seating in the garden for you and your family. Complete the bench and / or chairs with nice pillows. What also looks super nice in the garden is an outdoor carpet. I have one at home and it has lasted for 2 summers. It provides coziness and a living room feeling. How nice to have a second living room where you like to sit as much as inside.

At home I have summery and light furniture and accessories all year round. If you do not have this you can give dark furniture a different color by painting it or maybe putting new covers around it. The Flexa color of the year is ‘Brave Ground’. Definitely a color that suits this season.