The feelings that colors give.

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The feelings that colors give.
Color is not only something we see but also something that contributes to how we feel. Each color has its own feeling. This is called color psychology. The surprise of color psychology took place as early as the beginning of the 19th century. Then scientists found out that there are colors that evoke positive feelings and colors that evoke negative feelings.
What feelings do colors give:

  • Yellow: cheerful, happy, happy, friendship, positivity.
  • Blue: calmness, reliability, sensitive, fresh and pure, security, business.
  • Red: warmth, powerful, love, passion, present.
  • Orange: stimulating, makes social, warm, friendly, encourages creativity.
  • Green: nature, peace, loyalty, calming, relaxing, balance.
  • Purple/violet: neutral, spiritual, creative, calm, depth.
  • Gray: neutral, somber, balance, businesslike, wisdom, stable.
  • Black: modern, stylish, powerful, contrast, chic.
  • White: perfection, cool, calm, fresh, pure, distant, safe.