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A Tiny House, maybe something for you?

What is Tiny House?

It is a small house, often on wheels. Actually not very different from a caravan. It has come over from America, the idea came from because the larger and more expensive houses have a great demand for energy when that is not necessary at all, because you can also live well on a smaller surface so you waste less energy and it is better for the environment. Tiny House often uses handy tricks. Such as folding tables and beds. A cupboard under a bed so that you use the heights. in short, practical and space-saving ideas. A Tiny House may only have a maximum living area (including floors) of 50 square meters, the smaller the better. Most Tiny Houses are made on wheels so that you can drive anywhere. Especially in nature in beautiful places the tiny houses are located. You can leave your place with a tiny house without a trace and put it in another place. You also have Tiny Houses without wheels and these have to be placed on a ground, so a houseboat is not seen as a Tiny House.

What does a Tiny House cost?

There is no standard price for a Tiny House, it depends on what you want. If you build yourself and look for used materials, it does not have to be expensive, think of € 25,000. It will cost you more time and energy, but you also get a wealth of experience and the satisfaction that you have built your own house for back. If you want to buy a ready Tiny House on a trailer you have to think of amounts between 35 and 60 thousand euros.

What are the advantages?

The biggest advantage of a tiny house is that it is much cheaper. But it also gives you more time, for example if you have to mop the floor, you are ready in no time. Because you have more freedom, the pressure is also much lower to spoil you with a vacation. Your life changes considerably, you take pleasure with much less and as a result you spend less automatically. And those who spend less also have to work less. It is also easier to move you just have to link your house to the car and there you go.

What are the disadvantages?

There are of course also some disadvantages to a tiny house. The cottage is meant for 1 or 2 people so no one can ever visit. Or giving a party does not fit either. Unless the weather is nice in the Netherlands, you can do this outside. But unfortunately it is not very often nice weather in the Netherlands. Another disadvantage is that you actually have more stuff than you think. Where are you going to leave that? there is not that much room. There is also no real place for privacy, especially if you live with two of them there, because you are often on each other’s lip.

What is it like to live in it?

On various websites I have read and looked at how other people live in a tiny house and how they feel about it. In general, most people find it very pleasant to live in because they have much more freedom and more time left. The disadvantage is that they can not receive guests, especially in winter, because the space is simply too small for that. However, brands are the residents that it makes a difference in the cost of the house and so more about doing other fun things.