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Big, bigger, biggest – that’s what people saw as the perfect home for years. A large house with many and large rooms and preferably also a large garden, the wish of many. But nowadays there is no longer space for those large homes everywhere. In addition to that, there are also more and more people who do not have to live that large, who want to live a bit smaller and preferably also more sustainably. The Tiny House was introduced a few years ago as a solution for this.

A Tiny House is a detached house of up to 50m2 with a height that you can determine yourself. The idea behind the Tiny House is ‘Less house and more freedom’. So they are built and inhabited out of the need to live more simply, with a smaller ecological footprint and less consumption. The house is on a (temporary) foundation or on wheels, the difference is that with the foundation you are and remain in one place and if it is on wheels, there is also the possibility to go and stand wherever you want.

Smart technologies are used in the design and construction of a Tiny House. Because there is limited space, smart thinking has to be done to process everything as practically as possible. For example, you can incorporate storage space in the stairs, integrate the toilet and shower or transform the dining room into the bedroom. The design possibilities at a Tiny House are endless.

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