The cold days are approaching us again. The days are shorter and it gets dark much faster outside. And because temperatures can drop, it is just as nice to have a warm home as a warm interior! Get inspired and make your home fall and winter proof with these tips!

Warm colours

By applying warm colors in your interior, for example by painting the wall, you create a space that is calming and gives atmosphere. A room with warm colors immediately exudes that warm, cozy and lively feeling. Think of colors such as orange and brown tones, red or aubergine. All colors that have a natural, look and radiate tranquility. By playing with light and dark in the room, you create beautiful contrasts in the house and create a cozy interior. Warm colors can be combined well with cooler shades such as deep green or ecru.


Besides colors, you can also add a lot to enhancing the autumn and winter atmosphere of an interior by playing with materials. You can think of natural materials such as wood, leather and wool. Alternate fabrics, materials and colors for a beautiful autumn and winter interior. As mentioned earlier, wood is always a good idea to provide more warmth in a room. In the cold months you can make that even more prominent with, for example, a wooden stool, wooden trunk, branches or bread boards. Or consider replacing your thin carpet in the living room, for example with a coarse or deep pile carpet!


If there is something that immediately gives a lot of atmosphere to your interior, it is lighting. Light not only creates space visually, it also helps you through the dark days! One way to do this is to use candle holder, candles and classic LED lamps. But having only candles in your room will keep it a bit too dark, so add a few more lights to the room as well. Nice table lamps for example, a cool hanging lamp or a nice LED light cord!


Dress up your interior with fun accessories. Flowers, plants, throws, pillows, vases, wall decoration, fur, you name it! By adding (fake) fur to your interior, you can prepare the room for the fall in one fell swoop. The coats are not only chic, but are also functional because they are wonderfully warm! The colors and scents of flowers and plants help to make it cozy. In addition, flora and fauna also provide cleaner and fresher air in the house. Plaids and pillows should of course also not be missing. Fill your sofa with cushions of different sizes, materials and (warm) colors. Decorative cushions with prints are also a nice extra addition. And don’t forget a soft knitted blanket!