Tips for designing a small bathroom

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The bathroom is often a small space in your house, but how do you organize it properly?

It is important to think carefully about the interior. A bathroom must be practical but also comfortable and of course you also want it to look nice. When it comes to a small space, you mainly have to think in terms of solutions, would you like a bath and a shower? That is possible, then you can choose for a shower bath. Keep in mind that you have to put a glass wall next to it to collect the water.

Things that make a bathroom look bigger are colors, mirrors and floating furniture. Use of color is very important, if you use light colors, your bathroom looks optically larger. Many people think of white when it comes to a light color in the bathroom, but it can quickly look a bit boring, for example go for cream, beige or gray. In a bathroom it is important that everything forms a whole, so apply the color you use not only to the walls but also to the towels and accessories. With mirrors you can make your bathroom look optically bigger, because mirrors provide a reflective effect. And finally the floating furniture, this makes your space optically larger because you can see through it.