Today, many interior designs are based on trends that form throughout the year. A great many trends are solutions for various social issues that are currently occurring. But the question is, of course, what is a trend and how does it come about?

Van Dale calls a trend a development line; tendency, direction.

In other words: It is an expression of what a consumer wants, desires or needs. A trend stems from social events. These can be major or minor events.

If you look closely at our society, you see that a lot has happened, and this is reflected in the trends. Not only within the interior, but also within fashion and media.

So we already know that a trend is based on a social event, but how is this converted to a trend?

It is usually the case that a trend is established to solve a problem. The moment that overcrowding became clearly visible, trend Tiny House became well known. Whether or not plastic soup is a problem, many designers are busy designing furniture from waste. So, you see that it is handled sustainably.

Another trend that is well known within the creative sector is the color of the year. Flexa usually introduces these and shows them at trade shows how you can apply them. Most Flexa colors can also be seen in the fashion industry. The colors are mainly based on the things that happened the year before. You can also see that the colors of the last years have become somewhat darker, this has been converted into the atmosphere that the consumer mainly desires;

2020 tranquil dawn:

“A new decade will start in 2020. A new beginning. Our world is becoming increasingly hectic and digital. We feel an urge for reflection and cordiality. Our color experts have therefore been inspired by the colors of the morning light and developed the new Tranquil Dawn shade as a reference to a calm dawn. ”

2019 spiced honey:

“Spiced Honey is the Flexa Color of the Year 2019. This warm amber hue has been chosen to bring an atmosphere of positivity and optimism – a desire to” let the light in. ” Let the light in! ”

2018 heart wood:

“The new Flexa Color of the Year 2018 is Heart Wood. We have chosen this color to bring you back in touch with the calming and serene colors of nature. ”

2017 denim drift:

“Blue is the color we encounter every day. Consider the sky and the clothes that we wear. And this year it will also be the color of our walls. ”

So, you see that what consumers really want is looked at and what we mainly focus on in daily life.



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