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Vintage in the interior. Something I find super gaaaff. You see more and more people using old furniture in the interior. Vintage items can be super expensive so many people already give up. But how cool is it to have a piece of furniture from your grandmother or from the war?

What is vintage anyway?
Authentic items that are at least 30 years old. These can include household items, clothing, furniture pieces, paintings and other items for the home.

Features of vintage furniture
– Stained glass
– Marble
– Bamboo, rattan
– Various types of wood
– Striking motifs
– Earth tones
– Record players
– Carpet with lots of color and busy print

5 stores where you can shop the best vintage items.
– Vintage Revival
– Van Dijk & Ko
– Quip & Ko
– Vivre Interieur Authentique
– Cousin Louis
– Or of course at the thrift store

I myself also love vintage and walk around in super cute items every day.
Are you also curious where you can buy vintage clothing? I often order vintage items on Instagram. Here are a few accounts in a row.
– @Blissvintage_
– @Vintagevintyvibes
– @Vintageparel