Jackie Koene has returned to our office since the beginning of this month. She had already done an internship at Studio Flex last year but wanted to come back to us for her next internship. Together with Fleur Lieftink she will join our team for 10 weeks.

Nice to see you again Jackie! Why did you choose to come and work with us for another internship?

I returned to Studio Flex because I like the working atmosphere and I learned a lot during the previous period. Because I am still doing an internship here for a period of time, I am able to delve myself more deeply into the projects and continue to grow in them.

What did you learn from us during your previous internship?

How a design process goes with an architect compared to designing with an interior advisor. I have also improved in my Photoshop skills. I have learned that during the design process you are not finished after a few sketches. You always look at what possibilities there are so that you can find even better or more creative solutions.

What are your expectations for this period?

That I can get more responsibility in the projects so that I can work it out more. I also hope to be involved more in the preparation of quotations and invoices.

Do you already have a little more of an idea about what you would like to do after your education?

Yes, I would like to follow a part-time study after this program and also start working. I do not know exactly what part-time study I want to follow, but I do think something in this direction.

Would you recommend Studio Flex to future trainees, if so, why?

I would definitely recommend this internship address, because you can learn a lot here and grow in your skills. They also give you the chance to use your own ideas and imagination for a project or assignment, and you are taken seriously. They are very open and stimulating towards your creativity and skills, I can only recommend it!