Aimée Schoon has been back at our office since the beginning of this month. She had already done an internship at Studio Flex in the past period but wanted to come back to us for her next internship. Together with Isa de Bloois and Laura Tirion, she will be joining our team for 10 weeks.



Isa: Hey! My name is Isa de Bloois, I am 18 years old and I come from Westland. I am doing an internship here for my study at the Wood and Furnishing College, I am in the third year of the interior design study. When I’m not in school I often go for a drink with friends and I play volleyball at Monza in Monster.

Laura: My name is Laura Tirion. I am 18 years old and I am from The Hague. I am currently following an interior design advisor course at the Hout- en Meubilerings College, I am now in my third year. In my free time I like to spend my time with family and friends and discover new places.

Aimée: My name is Aimée Schoon. I am 21 years old and I am from The Hague. I am currently in my third year of interior design training at the Hout- en Meubilerings College. In my free time you can find me most on the hockey fields of HDS.


Isa: Beforethis I did an internship in a furniture store, a kitchen specialist shop and office furnishings. I have worked here, I did not like selling, but designing appealed to me more. I also have doubts about further education and I think architecture is also very interesting. To gain more experience therein, a suitable internship seemed like a good idea. I came to Studio Flex by searching the website of internship market where they offer companies that have internships available. The site appealed to me a lot and during the internship interview it also emerged that there is a lot of communication while working, which made me even more enthusiastic about this internship.

Laura: Studio Flex is my fourth internship of my education. My previous internship periods were mainly in furniture stores where it was mostly about sales. I found that this fell less within my interest and I had been looking for an architectural firm for a longer time. I was immediately enthusiastic about Studio Flex and I had heard many good stories about it. The projects that passed by appealed to me a lot, and the atmosphere within the office was good.

Nice to see you again Aimée! Why did you choose to work with us for another internship period? I came back to Studio Flex because I like the working atmosphere and I learned a lot in the previous period. Because I can do an internship here for a while, I can delve even more into the projects I started with in the first period. This way you will experience more steps throughout the entire project.


Isa: I expect this internship to gain more insight into what is going on in this company when it comes to designing and executing. I am very curious how that works and how the designs come about.

Laura: I think it would be nice to find out how Studio Flex works within a large-scale project and what steps need to be taken to actually implement it. In addition to the projects themselves, communication is also an important factor within the company, I hope to improve myself in this and to complete this internship period with much more wisdom.

Aimée: I expect it to be a fun and educational course. I can learn more about the project that I started with. I can now also present the idea to the client. That seems very bold, but also exciting.


Isa: I like everything and even if it is not fun, I don’t really care. For me it is important that I can get the most out of the internship so everything I do helps with that. The best thing to do, of course, is designing.

Laura: Since this is my first time at an architectural firm, I am open to everything. I find it very interesting to find out how they work here at Studio Flex. The variation from working out drawings to maintaining social media accounts.

Aimée: Working independently on a project. Give my own interpretation to the interior and view how the design steps of an architect proceed.


Isa: After this internship, I hope to get my diploma for the HMC first. After that I would like to do further education. I don’t know exactly what yet, but I have already looked at the Vogue Academy and HBO Architecture in Rotterdam. My interest is very clear in designing and designing, so my further education is also focused on that!

Laura: After completing this internship at Studio Flex, I have another year to complete my current studies. After completing this course I would like to do a higher professional education, but I am not sure what this will be. If I am not out of this in the coming year, I want to take a gap year and travel to discover the world.

Aimée: I would like to do something in the direction of styling / photography, that can be interior but also fashion, but this internship also places engineering or planning on the list. I would love to have knowledge of everything.

Aimée, Would you recommend Studio Flex to future trainees, if so why? Yes, otherwise I will not come here for the second time. It is a very relaxed atmosphere with a nice team that you work with. You get your own project that you can fully live in. You learn here to draw technically, keep up with trends and you can keep up with the social media platform. A lot of variety.