How to furnish a small space?

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How to furnish a small space?

At the moment there is a house shortage and it is difficult for students to find affordable apartments. So they often move into studios. The space they have is quite small so I have a few tips on how you can make a small space look a bit bigger.

Light colours make a room appear much bigger because the light colours reflect the light. So make sure to use light furniture and light colours on the wall. Dark colours make a room look cozier, but absorb the light so they make the room appear smaller.

You can use glass and mirrors in youre small space. Glass as material for youre furniture doesn’t look that big in youre studio and it reflects the light. It is smart to have a large mirror in youre studio, youre space will automatically become a bit larger.

Do not use too many small accessoires in youre space it causes unrest. Go for less accessoires but bigger, that gives much more piece of mind. With these few tips you can see that you can furnish youre studio comfortable without making it look smaller.