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Tell us something about yourself and your education

Hi, my name is Merel Luijbregts and I am 19 years old. I am currently at the Houten Meubileringscollege in Rotterdam, I am doing the Interior Advisor course (BOL
level 4) and I am in my third year. In addition to my studies, I work in a clothing
store on weekends.

Why studio flex?

I was looking for an internship that could give me a bit more of a challenge and
allow me to delve into designing. At school I had heard the name Studio Flex and
after viewing the site, Studio Flex really appealed to me. So I decided to apply.

What are your expectations?

I expect to learn a lot here. How you can work well together in a team, learn how to
work with new programs and I want to delve into interior design and architecture.

What kind of projects would you most like to work on at studio flex?

I hope to be able to experience a project from start to finish and that I might be able
to do some interior design and possibly some architecture independently.

What are your plans after your internship?

After my internship, I still have 1.5 years to go, and I have my diploma in my
pocket. After that, I probably want to continue studying to gain even more
knowledge and improve my skills